Local bodybuilder inspiring more women to try the sport

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Hayley Nester got into bodybuilding to lose baby weight, but now she's an accomplished competitor that's inspiring others in the region to try the sport. She's been involved in the sport for years and has her next big competition coming up in November.

HAYLEY: " I love being on stage, I love competing I'm like a go-getter like I want to shine you know and I want to be a star and it feels great that people, that you're showing off all your hard work."

Hayley Nester is a mom, a social media star in Bell County, and a bodybuilder with an impressive resume.

HAYLEY: "So I've always been top three in my shows so I'm really eager to get that number one spot, I like feeling accomplished and this style of training is something that's going to make me feel that way."

RODNEY ALFRED: "She works really hard and she's really motivated and she's super positive so I'm glad that she's on our team, she's just bringing a whole different vibe."

Using her following on social media, and showing off her hard work on a daily basis, Hayley has helped expand the sport in Bell County, and especially with women.

HAYLEY: "All the time I get messages, Hayley how did you do this and how did you get into it and so your journey of just transforming your body makes people want to get up off the couch and it makes them interested and intrigued they tell you oh my gosh you inspire me and that just sets that fire even more in you to keep going."

Befit gym is where Hayley trains, as do so many others, with a trainer named Rodney Alfred that understands the sport. and for Hayley, it's the team like atmosphere that makes the sport, and that gym in particular, the place to be.

HAYLEY: "It's a full on day in and day our process that you have to stay on top of and when you see people around you doing it as well, you don't want to fail your team."