Marlin coach on Mystique: 'One of the most complete players I've seen'

MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) With a trip to the 2018 state championship tournament on the line, Marlin's Mystique Womack did something sitting down that a few people can't do consistently standing up.

Seconds after stealing the basketball from a Grandview player in the 3A quarterfinal round, Womack took a seated shot after losing her balance to excite the crowd at Midway High School in an eventual 59-54 win for the Lady Bulldogs to push them into the semifinals.

"I've seen her get 10 assists in a game," Driven Elite AAU coach Brian Adams said. "She can pass the ball. But from a scoring standpoint, there aren't too many kids in America that can score the ball like she can."

Womack averaged 26.5 points per game as a junior during the 2017-18 season in which Marlin lost 51-47 to Mount Vernon in the 3A state championship game.

Now at the 2A level, the Alabama signee has a milestone of 3,000 career points at the high school level in her sights, but the top priority is helping the Lady Bulldogs finish the state championship run.

"She's probably one of the most complete players I've seen, period," Marlin girls basketball coach Lawrence Gullette said. "She has a very competitive nature in everything she does in basketball, in the classroom, or if she needed to arm wrestle me. She's going to try to beat me."

That controlled aggressiveness can be traced back to when she played football with her older brothers. A family friend noticed the confidence she carried in her walk, and requested that she gave basketball a try.

Mystique was so good at sports, her mother joked that she took it easy on her brothers when they played with and against one another.

Like her favorite player LeBron James, Mystique seems to be a difference-maker wherever she plays -- youth basketball, high school, etc.

Perhaps her most impressive trait, however, is loyalty.

"She and her mom never jumped from team to team," Adams said. "They never left me for another AAU team even though I never had a shoe deal or anything like that. I saw the growth from day one. If they stuck with me, they'd have a chance to see something special."

Adams made the two-hour drive from Dallas to Marlin to witness one of his star pupils solidify her spot in the NCAA ranks Wednesday. He requested to speak to the crowd at Mystique's signing, and fought tears as he gave his opinion on her future.

"If she goes to Alabama and takes care of business, there's no question about it that she'll be a professional basketball player," Adams said.

"I want (Marlin) to remember how the kids look up to me, how the community and how the kids look up to me," Womack said. "Hopefully, one day, those girls will be in my shoes and signing those papers, too."

It might happen. In fact, she has a cousin on the Marlin varsity team that is the point guard of the future, Mckenna Johnson.

"I hope that when I leave this year, she'll start that same journey that I made when I was here."