Meet BU baseball fan "Baylor Bill"

Published: Feb. 16, 2020 at 10:55 PM CST
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"I've seen over 1200 games on this field in the different ballparks that have been here," said Bill Martin.

At every Baylor baseball game, you'll find Bill Martin in his seat right near the dugout.

"The first time I sat right here, I was sitting on a steel beam finding out what my seat was gonna be like when they started building the stadium," added Martin.

He chose the spot himself because "number one I'm right next to the water cooler. I hear a lot of interesting conversations between coaches and players sometimes."

Bill Martin has been a fan of the green and gold for as long as he can remember. Both of his parents graduated from Baylor. Eventually, he did as well, and so did his son Jeff Martin.

"I was thinking about some of my happiest experiences here in this ballpark, and number one was when my son won his first ballgame here. He won and became the first Baylor pitcher to win under the lights here," said Martin.

It was when his son was in college that Bill went to his first college world series, even though the Bears fell short of making the trip in 1991. He's gone every year since sporting Baylor gear, and that is where his nickname "Baylor Bill" began.

In 2005, Bill was able to watch his Bears play in the college world series. He keeps telling the team they need to go back.

His relationship with players, their parents, and fellow fans is what keeps him coming back to the ballpark, and the Bears notice.

"Usually incoming freshman don't know who I am usually, but by the end of the season, most of them pretty well do. I just love it. I just love the game love the school and love the kids," added Martin.

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