Midway senior inspires from the sidelines

Published: Mar. 1, 2020 at 10:48 PM CST
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Think back to the Fourth of July. Most likely, there were fireworks involved. That was the case for Midway's Maddie Lightsey, but one firework gone wrong changed everything.

"I like fell to the ground because of the impact," said Maddie.

A firework had hit her straight in the eye.

"I was 20 feet away, and it went off in the opposite direction it was supposed to," explained Maddie.

Maddie went blind in her right eye that day. Fast forward a few months later. She wasn't cleared to play soccer after having been the varsity goalkeeper the last two seasons.

"It was obviously devastating. I mean, I love soccer, and I mainly love like playing goalie," added Maddie.

When she went into her coach's office to tell them she couldn't be on the field anymore, they presented her with a different way to be apart of the team. They asked her to coach the goalkeepers.

"When they offered me to be a coach, it really was like this is an open door like this is what God intended for me. He shut that one for me to play, but he gave me Ellie, and it's been amazing," said Maddie.

Ellie is a sophomore who's had to step up and play at the varsity level with little experience as a goalkeeper. She's thankful for what Maddie has taught her.

"She's kinda like the glue for the team. She's definitely a leader, and she's just somebody that everybody can look up to," said Ellie Hammond.

Maddie's inspired everyone, including her head coach Bill sharp, who's been amazed at how she's handled this situation.

"Very impressive to the point of I don't know how I would respond," said Bill Sharp.

Maddie says her faith has made all the difference.

"In my faith, I've tried to live for the Lord every day and glorify him, and that, especially with my accident, has really helped it's just not all about me. It's about other people, not just myself," said Maddie.

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