NCAA moving 3-ponit line back to international distance

WACO, TEXAS The NCAA is moving the 3-point line for college basketball again, this time making it the same as the international 3-point line.

The line was last moved back before the 2008-2009 season when it went from 19'9" to 20'9". Now, it's moving again back to 21' 1 3/4". That will put it in the exact same spot as the line used for international play.

NCAA committee members say they adopted the new distance to help the flow of the game and open up space for players driving to the rim. Not to discourage 3-point shooting which has become a big part of the collegiate game.

The new 3-point line distance will be used in the coming season for NCAA division 1 games. Division 2 and 3 will wait and begin using the line in the fall of 2020.