Rhule addresses reports of NCAA notice of allegations

Matt Rhule replaced his players in front of the media on Tuesday saying he felt like he should be the first from the program to address reports that the NCAA has given Baylor a notice of allegations.

Rhule spoke openly and candidly about how he and his program are reacting to the allegations while also saying he can't discuss specifics because the process is ongoing. Rhule did say his players will speak Wednesday but he felt like his job is to protect his players and that's why he replaced them on Tuesday.

Rhule says he came into this Baylor job with eyes wide open and his players have done the same. Rhule says they've already been through a lot and he believes they'll come out of Baylor better for the adversity.

Rhule also said Tuesday that he and his staff continue to tell the players that the allegations are because of someone else's stories. These are not their stories. Their stories are still being written and what the NCAA is doing has nothing to do with the players in the program right now.