Stadium lights turn on as a symbol of hope

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 11:12 PM CDT
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In the state of Texas, nothing brings a community together quite like those Friday night lights.

Schools in the Lone Star State are hoping those lights have the same magic in March as they do in the fall.

"I wanted them to have something that they could look to, to know that as educators we were thinking about them, we love them and that there are better days on the other side of this and we're gonna be stronger because of it," said Brett Beesley, Dumas High School principal.

The stadium light challenge started at Dumas High School. The school took to twitter, stating the details, and asking other schools to be the light.

Gatesville High School gladly accepted, as did countless others in the Texas high school football community.

"Certainly fun to watch this community pull together and be there for our kids when they need us most," said Luke Howard, Gatesville High School football coach.

For Gatesville, the lights are for all students, especially those seniors who are having to miss out on their final seasons.

The UIL has suspended all activities until May 4. It's uncertain when sports will return, but there is hope.