Starburst Golf Classic a family affair for McGregor duo

WACO, Texas Based off this approach on 18, you wouldn't think Paige Gilstrap had a below average day on the course, but the McGregor senior says there's a lot of work to do going into the final round of the Starburst Junior Golf Classic.

"My short game was lacking today. Hopefully I can come out tomorrow strong with that. Even through the trials today, you have that one shot that brings you back making sure you love that game."

Gilstrap is 10 shots back of the lead. She was in a group with Gatesville's Kaylan Summers, who is just four shots back of the top spot. Right after Gilstrap finished her round, her stepsister, Maggie Parmer, competed in the Under 15 division and is tied for 3rd at 27-over.

"It wasn't my best. I kind of had trouble putting and things like that, but I'm going to go out and get it tomorrow. I love playing in starburst. I think it's fun because I get to meet new people. People come from all over. I'm just from waco, and I've played these courses before. I do love them, but it's fun meeting new people.

While Paige and Maggie are a couple years apart, their friendship is very close -- like golf clubs in a bag close.

"She's my best friend. I have noone else closer. We're always close, but golf always brought us together. I've always said I'd never play golf alone. I'd always play with her. I kind of want to follow her to college whereever she goes. I love playing with her. She's the reason I play."