Waco: Physical therapist named Honorary Race Chair for Miracle Match Marathon

WACO, Texas (KWTX) It was an early morning for runners at Indian Spring Park in Waco as dozens gathered to participate in the Miracle Match Marathon. An annual Waco marathon with the proceeds going to support Be the Match in Texas, a program that helps thousands of people in need of bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

“To run a marathon is a great opportunity,” said Matt Shane, the honorary race chair for the marathon. “It's a way to push your body. T's a way to push your limits. And to associate with something like miracle match to maybe save someone's life is an awesome experience.

Shane is a Waco physical therapist and is also in stage five kidney failure and in need of a transplant. Before a traumatic mountain biking accident just this past October, Shane was very active while still dealing with stage three kidney failure. Since his accident caused him to go into stage five failure, Shane can't do the things he loves, like running marathons

“Not doing these events has been a struggle for me because that's been my focus,” said Shane. My focus now is volunteering. Helping people out.”

You better believe as soon as Shane receives a new kidney, he will be back competing with full force, like he was in 2015 when he completed an Iron Man during stage three kidney failure.

“I’ve always wanted to do one because of how difficult it is for the body to do it and the things that people have to overcome,” said Shane through tears. “And when I did that race I struggled through it. It was tough. It was really hard for me but I had family and friends there to support me. And I knew I was going to finish. I just had to do it smart. And I was so grateful that I was able to finish that race and check that off. Because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. It was very special to me.”