Walking with a Purpose

Every journey begins with a single step. Jason Kramer's took many more to complete.

Jason holds a special place in the Midway Athletic Department.

"He's a great person to work with, a great person to lean on, and he does everything for us. He's Mister Midway," said football coach Jeff Hulme.

Jason serves as the Director of Operations for the Panthers, helping out wherever he's needed. But a few months ago, the Midway graduate got some distressing news.

"They took my blood pressure and it was pretty high, one time it reached over 200," said Kramer.

So Mr. Midway decided to do something about it. He walked. And after a while, he got an idea.

"I saw an article on a guy out in Indiana who did a million steps, and I thought 'I can do that. I can do that faster and better.'"

Jason is a man of his word. He started walking, and kept walking every day. Until 18 days later, he met his goal.

"The first nine hundred and ninety nine thousand were pretty easy, the last ten thousand steps were pretty hard. Because as I was getting closer, it was like "Oh my gosh, I'm about to do this.'"

Jason logged more than five hundred miles in less than three weeks, walking as many as 31 miles in a day. Since early February, he's lost almost 60 pounds, and the difference is noticeable.

"Jason's only in his early forties, and I think that's a great example too. Because he's sitting there saying "Hey, it doesn't matter how old you get, if you go to work and get after it, you can get healthy, you can lose the weight, and you can do good for yourself,'" said Hulme.

Jason agrees.

"Look at me now. I feel better, it just proves that if you make a serious commitment, you can achieve anything."

Jason hopes to hit two million steps next month, and he also hopes he can inspire people with his story.

"Anybody can do this if they set their mind to it. Anybody can do anything if they set their mind to it."