Young surfers making history at BSR competition

BELLMEAD, Texas "SHEA LOPEZ: We have an international field of the best aerial surfers in the world and it's going to be awesome to see.

Big air, from some little girls. For the first time in a competition of this size and stature, there's a girls division of 15 and under girls, although most of them you'll find catching waves at BSR this week are twelve or younger.

BRETT SIMPSON: It's so awesome I know most of them I do some of the USA surfing so I'm the junior coach and Katie and Bella are on the team so it's rad to see them get this opportunity.

SKY BROWN: All these girls are ripping they're like doing these crazy airs it's so cool to see now there's like before there were no girls doing air and now it's like little kids doing it.

As young as they are, they aren't new surfing, they learned very young and have been in love with the sport for years.

SIERRA KERR: My dad's a pro surfer so he just popped on the front of his board and he'd use my hands to stand me up when I was like one or so but I actually caught my first wave at five.

BELLA KENWORTHY: My dad's just been taking me since I was like 2 and I don't know he just took me every day like when I was in kindergarten he'd take me before school.

And while they be little, they can pull off some big tricks.

SKY: A chop top is like when you're on the wave and you do, you go like that and your board will turn around.

SIERRA: I'm going to try slob grab it's when you go front side and you grab with your front hand over to where your toes are.

These young girls have a pretty good perspective on their sport.

BELLA: It's so fun to surf with all these girls and cheer each other on.

SKY: Just surfing with these girls and getting some airs."