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5.* KWTX regularly records it’s newscasts. Occasionally technical issues prevent a new story from being available for duplication. We cannot guarantee that all stories that air will be available.

* KWTX reserves the right to refuse a request for any reason.

* No refunds for news dub requests once the DVD has been produced.

* Dubs of accidents, controversial or otherwise negative material will not be granted. Entire newscasts may not be purchased for this reason.

* Only material that aired is available. Raw material is not available to the public.

* Payment must be received with the request. If the dub cannot be completed, your payment will be returned to you.

* Please allow approximately four weeks for completion. Mail orders please allow extra time for shipping.

* DVDs provided by KWTX are intended for personal use. Personal use dubs may not be used for legal proceedings. They may not be duplicated or rebroadcast in any form and remain property of KWTX, subject to all copyright laws.

* Persons or entities wishing to request news dubs for purposes other than personal use should not use this form. To order dubs for corporate use contact the production department at 254-741-5824.
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You must submit the form and THEN pay using our portal from the right.

Questions? Call (254) 776-1330


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