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About Us

At Waco Mattress Center each individual that walks through the door will receive one on one service, we take pride in catering to you.

We offer the largest selection of mattresses in Central Texas featuring brands like Simmons, Beauty Rest, and Comforpedic along with the best selection of memory foam beds and latex beds.

Family owned and operated, with over 20 years of experience, we know what we're talking about and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your next mattress purchase.


Waco Mattress Center FAQ

My back has started to really hurt, could it be my mattress?
Mattresses are made to last as long as their warranty and most people keep their mattress twice as long as they should. So, if your back is starting to hurt, take a look at how long you've had your mattress.

I need to buy a mattress for my kid's room, what should I look for?
When buying for the crib you need to look for a mattress that is fire retardant, hypoallergetic and not anything too firm. What's firm to us feels like the floor to them.

I've always heard that a firmer mattress is the best mattress to buy, but I'm not really comfortable on a firm mattress. Should I just buy a firm mattress and get used to it?
Nope.... you need a supportive pressure relieving mattress.

Why are mattresses sold only in sets (a mattress and a box spring)? Why can't I buy just what I need and want?
You can buy what you want or you think you need but it's important you know the manufacturer will not honor a warranty for the purchase of the mattress only.

I know it sounds logical that I should lie down on different beds in the store, but I feel self-conscious doing that. Does a store test really matter?
Yes it does. You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on and wouldn't buy a car before test driving it.