23 dogs removed from area home, some found in 'dungeon-like room'

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ROGERS, Texas (KWTX) Twenty-three dogs have been removed from a home in Rogers, some of which were found in a “dungeon-like room,” police said.


Officers found the dogs on Wednesday at the home at 11 Benton St. in Rogers, police said in a press release Friday.

“At the door there was a strong odor of feces,” police said and the resident said he and his wife had 24 dogs that did not have vaccinations.

“Fifteen of the dogs had never been outdoors,” police said, and the resident told officers the animals urinated and defecated inside the house.

Thursday morning Rogers officers, Bell County deputies and Bell County Community Supervision officials returned to the home and removed 23 dogs.

“Some were in a dungeon-like room that had a single chair in it,” police said.

Neighbor Jesse Anchando says he would hear dogs but didn't know there was that many.

"I just thought it was 2 or 3. I mean I would hear them bark and bark and when you didn’t hear them I guess that’s when they were in the house. I just figured that was it but when there is that many dogs... that is way too many dogs,” says Anchando.

Twenty of the dogs were taken to a shelter and three others were released to a relative.

Rogers police are investigating.

No charges have been filed.