Tattoo artists learn about human trafficking warning signs

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The Brazos County Health Department hosted a special presentation Monday on the warning signs for sex trafficking may come from tattoos.

Local tattoo artists were invited to attend the seminar on the problems with human trafficking. Some tattoo warning signs include barcodes and other signs that show people are property.

Amanda Buenger with Unbound Bryan/College Station says trafficking is a bigger problem in our area than people would expect. She hopes local tattoo shops look out for warning signs.

"Sometimes tattoos can be a marker for their relationship to their trafficker or their pimps," she said. "It's an identification piece for them, and so sometimes we see a certain tattoo with a certain name on it, or an identification that they're linked to that individual who's trafficking them," said Buenger.

Unbound Bryan/College Station works with local human trafficking victims and has helped numerous local clients in recent months.