Good samaritan reunited with woman who nearly lost fingers in bike accident

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) If you’re ever in an accident you always hope someone is there to be by your side and help out.

Last week a Texas A&M student found herself in a bad situation until a good Samaritan, with some special training, helped save the day.

“I have a severely broken pinky finger and it was almost severed,” said Sarah Smith.

Smith was on her way to an appointment when her electric bike broke down at the corner of Penberthy and John Kimbrough. The bike's chain had come undone.

“The motor engaged while my hands were in it,” said Smith.

She’s not sure how it all happened but she was in trouble, her fingers caught and no one around.

“I remember seeing a bus go by and I was like please help,” she said.

Thankfully for her, Evan Cure and some other helpful Aggies saw her in pain and rushed to help. Cure and Smith were reunited Monday after she shared a post on Facebook looking for the individuals that helped her.

Cure and at least three other Aggies stayed with her and called 911. It also helps that Evan was an Eagle Scout who knew exactly what to do.

“We had her sit down and got pressure on her hands,” he said.

They waited on an ambulance and kept Sarah talking until it arrived.

Although she didn’t know who they were at the time she calls them her angels.

“It was fate almost,” said Smith. “It happened to me and they were right there to help me, and if God were here he would want people to help me too.”

Evan doesn’t think he’s an angel.

“The two things I am, is I’m prepared and I’m an Aggie,” said Cure.

Smith says she still hopes to get connected with the other aggies that stopped to help her.

She’s expected to make a full recovery.