Warning! Look out for hidden cameras in hotel rooms

Law enforcement warns families to look out for hidden cameras in hotel rooms
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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) It is a terrifying thing to think about while on Spring Break or summer vacation, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings in hotels, just in case someone is behind a camera trying to invade your privacy.

While staying in a hotel for days at a time, you should take notice of what is inside your room like clocks, phones, books and smoke detectors, keeping a keen eye out for sketchy looking objects.

"Because technology and video recording devices have moved to be smaller, it's a lot easier to compact those devices into even smaller components and peripherals," said Sgt. Jason Brown with CPD's Computer Crimes Unit.

According to smartertravel.com, bathrooms, office spaces and bedroom areas are very common targets.

Sgt. Brown recommends visually scanning the room for any signs or clues that might indicate a hidden camera.

"There's usually some kind of indicator on the actual peripheral and the anecdotes I can give can be like a blinking light if people see a blinking light into a corner somewhere or somewhere that where you would usually see one," said Sgt. Brown.

Be aware of listening and recording devices by checking any speakers that may be in the room or behind wall decorations.

When you check in, take moment to look for anything suspicious. If you notice a hidden camera or feel funny about your room, immediately ask for a room change.

"It's a small chunk of your time you're investing just to make sure you and your family members are safe and that goes a long way, a little bit of healthy paranoia," said Sgt. Brown.

Hidden cameras in hotel rooms or vacation rentals are illegal. If you are the person behind the camera, you will be slapped with a felony charge and could face some time behind bars.

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