Texas back-to-school tax holiday this weekend

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)-- The annual back-to-school sales tax holiday is scheduled this weekend in Texas.

According to the National Retail Federation, families with children in grades K-12 can expect to spend about $685 per child during the school shopping season.

The Texas Comptroller's Office says the tax break begins Friday and runs through Sunday. Customers can buy most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks - sold for less than $100- tax-free from a Texas store or an online or catalog seller doing business in the state.

The sales tax exemption applies only to qualifying items. The tax break does not include products such as jewelry, handbags, briefcases, luggage, computer bags, umbrellas, wallets, and watches.

And if you don't have to fight the back-to-school crowds. Online items are also tax-free as long as the seller does business in Texas.

The Texas sales tax holiday weekend started in 1999.

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This alphabetical list includes items that do and don't qualify for exemption from taxes on Friday through Sunday.

(E) = Exempt; (T) = Taxable

Accessories (T)

• Barrettes (T)
• Belt buckles (sold separately) (T)
• Bobby pins (T)
• Briefcases (T)
• Elastic ponytail holders (T)
• Hair bows (T)
• Hair clips (T)
• Handbags (T)
• Handkerchiefs (T)
• Headbands (T)
• Jewelry (T)
• Key cases (T)
• Purses (T)
• Wallets (T)
• Watchbands (T)
• Watches (T)

Adult diapers (E)

Alterations (T)

Aprons (household) (E)

Aprons (welders) (T)

Athletic socks (E)

Baby bibs (E)

Baby clothes (E)

Baby diapers (cloth or disposable) (E)

Backpacks (unless for use by elementary/secondary students) (T)

Baseball accessories

• Baseball caps (E)
• Baseball cleats (T)
• Baseball gloves (T)
• Baseball jerseys (E)
• Baseball pants (T)

Bathing caps (T)

Belt buckles (T)

Belts with attached buckles (E)

Belts for weight lifting (T)

Bicycle shoes (cleated) (T)

Blouses (E)

Boots (general purpose) (E)

• Climbing (cleated or spiked) (T)
• Cowboy (E)
• Fishing (waders) (T)
• Hiking (E)
• Overshoes and galoshes (T)
• Rubber work boots (T)
• Ski (T)
• Waders (T)

Bow ties (E)

Bowling shirts (E)

Bowling shoes (rented and sold) (T)

Bras (E)

Buttons and zippers (T)

Camp clothes (E)

Caps (baseball, fishing, golf) (E)

Chef uniforms (E)

Children's novelty costumes (E)

Chest protectors (T)

Clerical vestments (E)

Cloth and lace, knitting yarns, and other fabrics (T)

Clothing repair items, such as thread, buttons, tapes, and iron-on patches (T)

Coats and wraps (E)

Corsages and boutonnieres (T)

Coveralls (E)

Diapers (cloth and disposable) (E)

Dresses (E)

Dry cleaning services (T)


Cold weather (E)

Noise cancellation or noise-canceling (T)

Elbow pads (T)

Embroidery (T)

Employee uniforms (unless rented) (E)

Fabrics, thread, buttons, lace, patterns, knitting yarns (T)

Fins (swim) (T)

Fishing boots (waders) (T)

Fishing caps (E)

Fishing vests (non-flotation) (E)

Football accessories

Football jerseys (E)

Football pads (T)

Football pants (T)

Gloves (generally) (E)

• Baseball (T)
• Batting (T)
• Bicycle (T)
• Dress (unless rented) (E)
• Garden (T)
• Golf (T)
• Hockey (T)
• Leather (E)
• Rubber (T)
• Surgical (T)
• Tennis (T)
• Work (T)

Goggles (T)

Golf accessories

• Golf caps (E)
• Golf dresses (E)
• Golf gloves (T)
• Golf jackets and windbreakers (E)
• Golf shirts (E)
• Golf skirts (E)
• Golf purses (T)
• Golf shoes (T)

Graduation caps and gowns (E)

Gym suits and uniforms (E)

Hairnets, bows, clips, and barrettes (T)

Handbags and purses (T)

Handkerchiefs (T)

Hard hats (T)

Hats (E)

Headbands (T)

Helmets (bike, baseball, football, hockey, motorcycle, sports) (T)

Hockey gloves (T)

Hooded shirts and hooded sweatshirts (E)

Hosiery, including support hosiery (E)

Hunting vests (E)

Ice skates (T)

Insoles (T)

Jackets (E)

Jeans (E)

Jewelry (T)

Jogging apparel (E)

Knee pads (T)

Knitted caps or hats (E)

Laundering services (T)

Leg warmers (E)

Leotards and tights (E)

Life jackets and vests (T)

Luggage (T)

Mask, costume (E)

Mask, protective - welder, umpire, swim (T)

Monogramming services (T)

Neckwear and ties (E)

Nightgowns and nightshirts (E)

Overshoes and rubber shoes (T)

Pads (football, hockey, soccer, elbow, knee, shoulder) (T)

Paint or dust respirators and incidental supplies (T)

Painter pants (E)

Pajamas (E)

Pants (E)

Pantyhose (E)

Patterns (T)

Personal flotation devices (T)

Pocket squares (T)

Protective gloves (T)

Protective masks (T)

Raincoats and ponchos (E)

Rain hats (E)

Religious clothing (E)

Rented clothing (including uniforms, formal wear, and costumes) (T)

Repair of clothing or footwear (T)

Ribbons (T)

Robes (E)

Rollerblades (T)

Roller skates (T)

Safety accessories

• Safety clothing (normally worn in hazardous occupations) (T)
• Safety glasses (except prescription) (T)
• Safety shoes (adaptable for streetwear) (E)
• Safety shoes (not adaptable for streetwear) (T)

Scarves (E)

Scout uniforms (E)

Sewing patterns (T)

Shawls and wraps (E)

Shin guards and padding (T)

Shirts (E)

Shirts (hooded) (E)

Shoe inserts (T)

Shoelaces (T)

Shoes (generally) (E)

• Ballet (T)
• Baseball cleats (T)
• Bicycle (cleated) (T)
• Boat (E)
• Bowling (T)
• Cleated or spiked (T)
• Cross trainers (E)
• Dress (E)
• Fishing boots (waders) (T)
• Flip-flops (rubber thongs) (E)
• Football (T)
• Golf (T)
• Jazz and dance (T)
• Jellies (E)
• Overshoes (T)
• Running (without cleats) (E)
• Safety (suitable for everyday use) (E)
• Sandals (E)
• Slippers (E)
• Sneakers and tennis (E)
• Soccer (cleated) (T)
• Spiked or cleated (T)
• Tap dance (T)
• Tennis (E)
• Track and cleats (T)
• Wading/water sport (T)
• Walking (E)

Shoe shines (T)

Shoe repairs (T)

Shoulder pads (for dresses, jackets, etc.) (T)

Shoulder pads (football, hockey, sports) (T)

Shorts (E)

Shower caps (T)

Skates (ice and roller) (T)

Ski boots (snow) (T)

Ski suits (snow) (T)

Ski vests (water) (T)

Skirts (E)

Sleepwear, nightgowns, pajamas (E)

Slippers (E)

Slips (E)

Soccer socks (E)

Socks (E)

Sports helmets (T)

Sports pads (football, hockey, soccer, knee, elbow, shoulder) (T)

Suits, slacks, and jackets (E)

Sunglasses (except prescription) (T)

Support hosiery (E)

Suspenders (E)

Sweatbands (arm, wrist, head) (T)

Sweatshirts (E)

Sweatsuits (E)

Sweaters (E)

Swimming masks and goggles (T)

Swimsuits (E)

Tennis accessories

• Tennis dresses (E)
• Tennis shorts (E)
• Tennis shoes (E)
• Tennis skirts (E)

Ties (neckties - all) (E)

Tights (E)

Track shoes and cleats (T)

Trousers (E)

Umbrellas (T)

Underclothes (E)

Underpants (E)

Undershirts (E)

Uniforms (school, work, nurse, waitress, military, postal, police, fire) (E)

Veils (E)

Vests (generally) (E)

• Bulletproof (T)
• Fishing (non-flotation) (E)
• Flotation (T)
• Hunting (E)
• Scuba (T)
• Water-ski (T)

Wallets (T)

Watchbands (T)

Watches (T)

Water ski vests (T)

Weight lifting belts (T)

Wet and drysuits (T)

Work clothes (E)

Work uniforms (E)

Workout clothes (E)

Wrist bands (T)