Doctor talks backpack health ahead of back to school weekend

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) With parents hitting the stores this weekend for Tax-Free Weekend, many you might want to pay more attention to the kind of backpacks you’re buying for your kids.

Dr. Daniel Random from Baylor Scott and White says the straps on the front and the padding on the back of a backpack can help balance the heavy weight inside.

“If you’re going to wear a light backpack, you want to limit the weight to about 10-15% of the kid’s body weight,” Dr. Ransom said.

He also says make sure that the heavier and bigger books are put inside the backpack first, close and lower on the back. The heavier the bag, the more stress it can put on a child’s back later in life.

“If it’s too much weight and sits low on their back, they compensate by bending over and they don’t walk upright. That puts strain on the lower and upper back,” Dr. Ransom said.

Dr. Ransom says to also watch your child to see if they’re straining to put on their backpack. Over time, this strain can lead to inflammation in the back, shoulder pain, and even effect nerves in the arm.