Will the deep freeze affect the bluebonnets?

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MCGREGOR, Texas (KWTX) A March freeze is coming for Central Texas, and while it might ruin some of your plants, don't expect it to ruin the Texas state flower.

"Wildflowers have been here a long time by that I mean to say this is nothing new to wildflowers in the area," says McLennan County Master Gardener Jene Hering.

"If they weren't hearty they would've died 200 years ago with that I mean to say don't be concerned about them," he says.

The flowers will survive the early March freeze, but right now might not be the best time to take a photo with the bluebonnet.

"Only thing I would suggest is that you find a warmer day... dropping your kids off and on bluebonnet patch on a day like this you're probably get some push-back from the kids," says Hering.

He suggests if you wait a few more weeks the flowers will be in full bloom and the weather should be much nicer for that photo-op.

As for when to plant those spring flowers, it would be best to wait for the last freeze which Hering says is typically around March 15.