AdventHealth Central Texas suspends visitation at hospitals

AdventHealth Central Texas has suspended visitation at its hospitals indefinitely. (Photo by Alex Gibbs)
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) To protect doctors and nurses from the spread of the Coronavirus, AdventHealth Central Texas suspended visitation at its hospitals indefinitely.

Kevin Roberts, the president and CEO, said he also made the decision to help prepare them for their first case.

"It's almost like a blanket on a fire," he said.

"When you do these things, it sounds extreme. But it's a necessary extreme."

Hospitals will only receive patients throughout their emergency room starting Wednesday. The surgery center entrance will remain open as well with fully stocked ER stations.

Roberts admits the move could be hard on families with loved ones currently being treated there. He also said the separation can be a little easier by communicating through smart devices by personal means or through the help of the hospital.

"If it's a patient that has their own phone, we'll let them use it," he said.

"I'm certain that our staff will use our own internal devices to supplement those kind of connections."

Roberts says the hospitals are keeping families' safety and emotional well being in mind at all times.

"Being connected with your family, especially when you're in the hospital, is very important."

AdventHealth advises anyone who thinks they may have Coronavirus symptoms to contact their health care provider first before heading to the ER.