After 15 months in partial body cast, local girl, 4, was ready to get wet

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LORENA, Texas (KWTX) A young girl diagnosed with a rare form of scoliosis, which left her in a partial body cast for the last 15-months, is cast free and extra happy this summer after a kind gesture from two local boutique owners.

Emory Davidson is cast free and extra happy this summer after a kind gesture from two local boutique owners. (Courtesy photo)

Emory Davidson, 4, of Lorena, was diagnosed with early onset progressive idiopathic scoliosis, a rare condition that affects children from birth to 8, when she was 2-and-half-years-old in 2018.

At the time of diagnosis her spine was at a 46 degree angle so doctors at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas decided it was best to cast the young girl, which meant she couldn’t get wet.

“Through 15 months, she had a series of six casts, all applied under general anesthesia using the Mehta method,” her mom, Sara Davidson said.

The Mehta method involves the use of a series of casts to correct the curvature gradually.

“These casts are plaster like you’d get for a broken bone so she could not get wet at all or spend much time outside in the heat. She usually had maybe 10 minutes outside before she got overheated,” Sara said.

The final cast was removed a few weeks ago with very encouraging results, which showed her spine was at a 10 degree angle.

Sara said her daughter has had an amazing attitude through a trying time.

“She’s just kind of a go-with-the-flow kind of girl so we mastered taking baths in the sink,” Sara said.

“Her cousins all have pool parties and she would go and just put her feet in the pool. She just went with what we could do and she never fussed or complained.”

What Emory most looked forward to was getting effervescent bath bombs for an explosion of oils, scent, color and bubbles in the tub.

“She loves bath bombs in the bathtub because I use them,” she said.

“We talked about when she got her cast off we would go get bath bombs.”

Sara didn’t have to go shopping for those, however, because when Bolt 254 boutique owner Ashley Futris and The Black Daisy Boutique owner Sthefanie Welch, who has merchandise in Bolt 254, heard about the young girl, they hatched a plan.

“When I posted on Facebook that we were getting our cast off, Ashley and Sthefanie said ‘send her up here because we have some treats with her to celebrate getting her cast off.’”

Sarah took Emory to the downtown Waco shop where the owners let Emory go on a free shopping spree.

What she picked out were things she’d missed out on for over a year.

“She picked out a floating toy and a bath bomb and a bath sponge and also a pool float,” Sara said.

“Ashley packaged it all up and Emory got to carry out her own bag so it was really special for her to be able to do that. She was already excited about swimming and any place she could find bath bombs is a special place for her.”

Sara said the kind gesture is something her family will never forget.

“I know it was really special for Emory to go up there and be a big girl and be able to shop for fun things she wasn’t able to do in the last year. They’re both special and caring women. So that meant a lot to us giving Emory getting that special attention.”

“In fact, we used all of those items that night.”

Emory is now wearing a brace 23 hours a day and likely will for the next year.

Her mom says she hopes eventually Emory will graduate to just wearing it at night and eventually be out of it entirely.

The goal is to keep her spine as straight as possible as she’s growing in order to avoid surgery.