Fort Hood: Annual ball held to honor Purple Heart recipients

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) Hundreds gathered on Fort Hood to honor the many men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

The 17th Annual Purple Heart Ball was held inside a packed Club Hood.

Jackson Palmer was injured during the Vietnam War.

"You get surprised by that, when you get hit. I thought I had it made once I got hit the first time, then I got hit again."

A blow to his spine, protecting the freedoms we enjoy every day.

"We're not running around thumping our chests. We're just guys that happen to be hit, got wounded. It's nice that they realize that we're a little bit different than the other breed."

John Footman, region vice chief of staff for Order of the Purple Heart, says it's important to make sure all of the Purple Heart recipients know they aren't forgotten.

"Purple Heart ball means a lot to me. I'm trying to give back to what wasn't given to us when I came back from Vietnam. Us Vietnam veterans was kind of like shelved back under the rug,” Footman said.

There was food, fellowship and a floor to dance the night away. Some of the veterans inside served during the Korean War, World War II, Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi freedom.

"That sacrifice does not go un-thought of. We appreciate them and how they suffered,” said Tracey Brown-Greene, commander for CENTEX Chapter 1876.

Footman says attendees have come as far as Missouri. Local businesses also help sponsor the event every year.

KWTX is a proud Purple Heart television station.