Area couple asked for sign infant son who died was OK, and they got it

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Central Texas couple says they got the sign they’ve been asking for from their son, who died just shy of his first birthday in July as a result of a rare brain aneurysm.

The photo shows a beam of light shining down on Finn’s father as he warmed up for a game. (Courtesy photo)

Finn Pope, the only child of Hillsboro natives Taylor and Austin Pope, died on July 29 in a local hospital after suffering a seizure in his mother’s arms six days earlier at the family’s home in Waco.

Since his death, his parents have been asking for a sign from their son that he’s OK and both were brought to tears after they say they got it in the form of a photograph that a friend snapped with a cellphone Saturday afternoon at a softball tournament held in Finn’s honor in Hillsboro.

The photo shows a beam of light shining down on Finn’s father as he warmed up for a game.

“It’s just undeniable,” Finn’s mother, Taylor, said.

“Austin had been asking for a sign from our baby for weeks now, that he was there and he was OK and this was that sign that he’d been asking for.”

Taylor says was watching the tournament alongside friend Meghin Scott, who took the photo.

Only later as the friends looked through the photos Scott took did they find the picture that showed the light surrounding Finn’s father.

“We were scrolling through the pictures and she slowly zoomed in to where the light beam is and I remember just saying ‘Meghin, Meghin, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.’”

“I began shaking.“

As soon as Austin’s game ended, Taylor says she ran to show him the photo.

“When I showed him the picture, he wept,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the photograph gave her husband the boost he needed to press on and play hard in a tournament that was difficult for him to face after losing his son.

“He was elated for the sign he has been asking for,” Taylor said.

“It gave him the strength to play hard, diving, hitting homeruns and pushing himself beyond his limits to make Finn so proud. “

Austin’s team won the championship and Finn’s mother knows why.

“He was there with Austin as he was playing the game. “

“When Finn was here, he was our light and it’s just a sign for us that he will continue to be our light always. He’s always there.”