Beer-to-go sales start in Texas

Beer to-go sales have local breweries excited.

WACO, Texas (KWTX) House Bill 1545 went into effect Sunday, and Brotherwell Brewery took full advantage of the opportunity.

House Bill 1545 gives breweries the opportunity to both sell beer in their place of business and sell it to those who just want to grab a drink to go.

Customers packed Brotherwell excited for the new opportunity, knowing they could hang out and also take their drinks with them.

Brotherwell is very excited that the Bill passed, and thinks it'll open up a big opportunity for the business.

"We feel like we should've had that all along, which is the ability to sell our beer to the people in town who'd like to buy it," says Brotherwell co-owner David Stoneking.

"We could sell it to bars and restaurants, licensed establishments. We could sell it to people who wanted to enjoy it at the brewery. Now since the rule has changed, we can now sell it to people who wanna come in, buy it, and take it."

Stoneking is also excited to see the new law as craft beer is on the rise in Waco, which will give their brewery much more growth.