Bell County: Lake levels remain high

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BELL COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) Two Bell county lakes are still way above normal levels.

(Photo by Alex Cano)

After last week’s rain, Lake Belton is 14 feet above normal while Stillhouse Hollow is 10 feet above its normal level.

“Two weeks ago, we were down 8 feet at Stillhouse Lake and 5 feet low at Lake Belton,” U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Manager Ronnie Bruggman said Monday.

“Both of these lakes can hold 40-45 feet of water so we have a loss capacity for flooding,” Bruggman said.

Lake officials have been releasing water from both lakes, but must do it slowly and carefully to avoid problems downstream.

“[We’re] slowly releasing it down stream so there is not a lot of flooding and damage downstream,” Bruggman said.

The flooding has led to park closures.

“The product of flooding is now all our boat ramps are not available to use for the available public,” Bruggman said.

“If they want to come and visit the lakes they can but be cautious because there are underwater hazards. There are things underwater that are floating. I would not encourage people to get on the lake because of all the debris that came from the floods,” he said.

The flooded lakes are still attracting visitors to lakeside businesses such as the Dead Fish Grill.

“It is a sight to see, Mother Nature at her best. The last time it flooded it was 15-20 years ago but we have never seen it bad,” Dead Fish Grill General Manager, Jeffery Reed said.