Governor holds “Get Out the Vote” rally

Gov. Greg Abbott. (File)

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Gov. Greg Abbott makes a stop in Belton Tuesday as he travels the state urging GOP voters to go to the polls.

His "Get Out the Vote” rally will be held at noon at Shoepf’s Old Time Bar-B-Que in Belton.

The owner and his wife have previously hosted political figures like former Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, who is scheduled to attend Tuesday.

Co-owner Ronnie Schoepf says preparations have been ongoing.

Abbott’s staff members have come in regularly to discuss the logistics of the visit, from safety protocols to parking.

The restaurant owner says other than the extensive details and potentially large crowds, he’s treating it like any other party being held in the restaurant’s private dining area.

He doesn’t publicly endorse any political parties or candidates, but he does support the governor’s cause of getting people to get out and cast their ballots.

"Maybe he's going to listen and visit with us, or maybe he's just going to tell us how important it is to vote [and] probably take a few pictures,” he says.

“But it's really an honor for him to stop here, and I think it's an important opportunity to maybe hear in someone's own words what they have to say."

The restaurant will remain open for regular lunch service.