Belton: Service agency representatives connect the dots

(Photo by Elliot Wilson)

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Baylor Scott & White Health hosted another Connecting the Dots event Wednesday at the Bell County Expo Center.

Patient navigators, social workers, community health workers, and others were split into groups to participate in case studies.

They were given real-life patient scenarios, in which each group had to navigate through local agencies and organizations that provide patient services.

The agencies available had tables set up so that attendees could learn more about what they do.

The goal is to bring those who make patient referrals together with the agencies and organizations that provide the services in Bell and surrounding counties.

"Helping agencies know exactly what's out there and able to coordinate all of those resources so that the individuals that we're helping aren't having to jump through hoops,” Felicia Burden from Central Counties Services said.

This was the third Connecting the Dots event by Baylor Scott & White has hosted.