Belton: Young archers compete

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Young archers from around the state were competing Thursday at the Bell County Expo Center.

(Photo by Elliot Wilson)

The annual Texas National Archery Championship Tournament gives archers in fourth through 12th grades a shot at qualifying for the national competition, but only those who attend schools that are part of the Texas National Archery in the Schools Program can participate.

Nearly 2,600 students from 111 schools are competing in the 13th annual competition.

"Every state that does NASP, it's in 47 states, they have a state tournament event and from there you qualify to go to the national tournament. So the state tournament is going to feed the national tournament,” Burnie Kessner, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Archery coordinator said.

The national tournament is in May in Louisville, Ky.