Belton: 17 graduating seniors enlist in military during ceremony

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) For a group of graduating Belton ISD seniors, their next step in life has already been decided.

On Wednesday, a celebration was held at Pittenger Fine Arts Center to honor the 17 seniors enlisting in the United States Armed Forces.

For some of the teens, they were also continuing a family legacy.

"My granddad was in the Army; my cousin was in the Army. I just felt like this is the best opportunity for me to pursue my goals and dreams,” Sean Williams said.

Williams wants to get a degree in information technology and travel the world.

From the Army, Air Force, National Guard, Marine Corps to the Navy – all were represented on the stage.

Tristen Bland is the first in his family enlisting in the Marines. He wants to focus on supply and logistics and also work on his degree.

"It’s an interesting experience. I'm not a Marine yet, I still have to go through boot camp, get my EGA, but I’m definitely on the path there and I’m real excited,” he said.

Phoenix Hawk is enlisting in the Navy.

“It's definitely inspired me to shape up, try to get my act together before I go in. Make sure I’m not doing anything I’m not supposed to. I want to be able to serve my country to the fullest, the best I can,” Hawk said.

These graduating seniors set to serve and protect the freedoms of our country in just a couple of months.

"I’m pretty excited. It's like counting down the days until I go to basic. It's just more realistic and saying, 'Hey I’m actually going in,’” Christen Paslay said.

With the enlistment ceremony Wednesday night, the countdown is on to graduation. After graduation, the teens will start their military careers, which includes basic training and other prior responsibilities.

"Amazing, it's a great experience. I definitely feel like every citizen in the United States should at one point in their life serve in the military,” Bland added.