Belton: Students tackle dozens of community service projects

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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Belton New Tech at Waskow students were part of dozens of community service projects Monday around Belton and Temple.

About 50 were out at the Habitat for Humanity housing project in Temple.

“So what they are doing is beautifying the area, land sod, picking up rocks. It seems medial but everybody likes a place that looks good,” United Way of Central Texas spokesperson Veshell Greene said.

The school was named after Belton Native Captain Henry T. Waskow, who died while serving his country in World War II on December 14, 1942.

In honor of Waskow’s legacy for service, students come together a day in December to give back.

“They are giving back to veterans across the area and when we heard about the opportunity to get a few kids out here well “shoot give me a bus load we can put them to work” and that's what they did .’ CEO for Fort Hood Habitat for Humanity, Ken Cates said.

One student said she understood the importance of her volunteering.

“It makes me feel very good especially like my dad is a veteran so he gave up for this country so it feels good to give back” student Natasha Blizzard said.

This is the third year the event has taken place.