Temple: Families create 'Buddy Bench' for students who feel lonely

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Two Tarver Elementary School families have created a "buddy bench" for the playground of the school at 7949 Stonehollow in Temple.

Two Tarver Elementary School families have created a "buddy bench" for the school’s playground.

The Belton ISD said the families were inspired after their children read "The Buddy Bench" by B.D. Cottleston.

"When we brought the book home we figured out that we should make a buddy bench to make the world better," Layla Radloff, 6, said.

Her family made one of the benches while Cannon Lee's family made the other.

"A buddy bench gives students a safe place to sit during recess if they're feeling lonely or don't feel like they can ask other kids to play," the district said.

"When a child sits on the bench, it's a signal to peers to ask him or her to play," said Principal Aubrey Itz.

"These benches are a great example of how our school community is looking out for everyone."

The families asked the school if they could make the benches, and Itz loved the idea.

Vanessa Hargrove teaches the two first graders and asked her class to draw what they thought the buddy bench should look like.

Based on their drawings one bench was painted white with rainbow hand prints and the quote, “The only way to have a friend is to be one".

Alison Clinton Lee let her kids and some friends paint the other bench.

"Ours is splatter painted and it looks like a literally very light with a rainbow," Cannon, 7, said.

"That's what they thought kindness looked like," Alison added.

"A lot of times kids don't have the words when they need a friend and this was a way to say it without saying anything." she said.