Bruceville-Eddy: Interim police chief named after unexpected resignation

Interim Bruceville-Eddy police Chief Michael Dorsey and his K9 officer, Xena. (Photo courtesy of Michael Dorsey)
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BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, Texas (KWTX) Bruceville-Eddy has named an interim successor to its police chief, Juan Cardenas, who resigned unexpectedly.

K9 officer Michael Dorsey will serve as interim chief as the city searches for a permanent replacement for Cardenas, however, Dorsey wants--and has already applied for--the job.

"I love being in a management position, I feel I thrive in a management position," said Dorsey. "That's what my aspirations are right now, to be the full-time chief."

Cardenas recently resigned from the department he had been with for five years and had ed since June when former chief Bill McLean resigned.

His last day was March 5.

Dorsey says it came as a bit of a surprise.

"I tried talking him into staying, but I understand, he has a young family at home and a wife, and he has to put that first," said Dorsey. "He wanted to work somewhere where he could spend a little time with his family."

Cardenas left his job as chief for a lower-paying job as a patrol officer for the Bellmead Police Department.

"I think Cardenas is a great guy, a good officer, and whatever department he works for in the future, it's going to be an asset to them," said Dorsey.

Dorsey grew up and continues to live in the Waco-area with his family.

The 27-year-old says he sees his age as an advantage.

"I still have a lot of life and a lot of years of service left in me," he said. "Being young still, they're going to have a working chief that's going to get out there and work just as hard as everybody else, because it's definitely not a retirement job for me."

Besides the chief position, the city is also accepting applications to hire additional patrol officers for the department which is currently running on a three-man operation, plus the department's police dog Xena.

"It's definitely a transitional phase for us," said Dorsey. "We have a good team right now, Cardenas left us in good hands and we're in a good spot, and I want to continue moving in the right direction and continue bringing in good people."

If hired as chief, Dorsey says he hopes to bring some stability to the agency.

"I love the community and working here and I feel like if I was put in the position permanently that it would be a good fit for the community," he said. "I'm sure they're tired of the turnover, and I want to have that open-door policy where anyone can talk to us and come to us when they have a problem or voice a concern."