Central Texas College Board pulls plug on KNCT

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) The Central College Board Of Trustees voted 6-1 Tuesday to pull the plug on KNCT, the region's only Public Broadcasting Station.

The station has been providing educational PBS programming for about 50 years.

The college's chancellor, Jim Yeonopolus, said CTC explored many options to keep the station open, but none was found.

"It's taken us two years to drill through this, to figure out what we can do. There just wasn't enough," Yeonopolus said.

Last year, the board voted to be part of the FCC's Spectrum Act.

The deal called for certain stations to "repack" or switch to another channel to open up frequencies for wireless broadband.

The move came with a $4.4 million price tag for CTC. .

Yeonopolus says they were under the impression the college would
be reimbursed for the full amount, but so far Congress has approved to cover only 60 percent of it.

Tuesday's vote canceled the agreement to move the station's
frequency, means the station will go off the air.

"There's just no way to sustain that as an educational institution," Yeonopolus said.

The college plans on continuing to teach broadcast.

"Our mission is education," Yeonopolous said.

It's unclear when KNCT will go off the air.

The college will still operate its radio station.

Once KNCT does go off the air, Yeonopolus believes PBS viewers shouldn't be too worried.

"The viewers will still have a station. It won't be channel 46. It I'll be something, probably out of Austin or Dallas, but it will be there" Yeonopolus said.