Central Texas teen bounces back from brain tumor diagnosis

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FLORENCE, Texas (KWTX) After a sudden brain tumor diagnosis in March, Brock Stricklin went from star receiver to emergency surgery.

Photo Courtesy: TIffany J Berry Brock Stricklin supports his team while recovering from a brain tumor.

Then, he had to learn to walk and talk again.

While he was stuck in the hospital, his girlfriend didn't want him to miss a thing and surprised him with a prom in the lobby of Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center.

A video of the prom went viral. At the time, Brock could barely put a sentence together.

But just a few months later, he can't stop talking about football plays and getting back on the field.

"I just want to play receiver again. I love hitting DB's off the line with the moves- and just dominating," says Stricklin.

His family says he's making a miraculous recovery, pushed by his determination to get better.

The Academy High School junior hasn't been given the green light to play just yet.

Instead, he's showing up for his team in other ways. He can be spotted at games and practices assisting coaches and cheering on his team.

"It's been huge for the kids in our program to see him battling the way he's battled," says Academy High School Head Football Coach Paul Williams.

"There's no quit in that young man. He's a fierce fighter and
competitor and we've all rallied around him and loved him for it."

One of his biggest fans is his adopted brother who's watched him go from stumbling around the house to horsing around again.

"I want to be able to throw him his first touchdown in high school again on varsity," says quarterback Jerry Cephus.

Brock is also ready to pick up where he left off with the receiver development program he started three years ago, created by Jaxon Shipley, former Arizona Cardinals and University of Texas wide receiver.

"He realizes now he's maybe in a different role, but he can be an encourager, he can still be a leader on his team," says Shipley.

"To still come every day with a great attitude- it gives people a new perspective. He still has a better perspective than most of us," he adds.

Stricklin continues carrying that positive outlook, even when everything doesn't work out.

When asked if he and his girlfriend are still together, he gives a long "naaaw" and laughs.

But he is serious about passing along the lesson of determination that has gotten him through his diagnosis.

"Always keep a good attitude. Even though life will throw challenges at you, just keep fighting," says Stricklin.

Young love may not last, but that kind of inspiration never dies.

Brock had his six-month MRI Friday, and according to his dad, there is some scar tissue, but doctors say he is healing ahead of schedule.