Cities cracking down on violators of fireworks bans

COPPERAS COVE, Texas Cities across Central Texas are cracking down on those who violate fireworks bans.

Thursday is Independence Day and fireworks are generally not allowed in city limits.

Copperas Cove is putting additional officers on the street to issue citations for people who fail to comply with its city ordinance.

Each year, police get complaints of people popping them, draining police resources, and causing a disturbance.

"Numerous, numerous- we'll have calls holding for 15 minutes where it's fireworks in this neighborhood, fireworks in that neighborhood," says Copperas Cove police officer Sgt. Kevin Miller.

"Pets get out because they're scared of the fireworks, and that in turn creates more resources that have to be devoted to animal control."

Officers say they also get calls from veterans who can be sensitive to the noise.

A citation can cost up to two hundred dollars.

County fireworks laws vary, so check online if you're not sure.