Coalition gears up for annual count of area homeless.

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(KWTX) The Central Texas Homeless Coalition is gearing up for its annual “point-in-time” count of homeless area residents.

On Friday, organizations from Bell, Hill and Lampasas counties that help homeless providers gather information on homeless across the state gathered to prepare for the day.

Volunteers are putting care packages with hygiene products to give out on Jan. 24.

“The point in time count specially collects data to submit to the Housing and Urban development department to gain funds for homeless programs in the area,” volunteer, Danielle Spell said.

Volunteer Mary Duke got involved after hearing about a homeless man found dead in Temple 2017 with no family.

“It still bothers me, his story. He was able to be found but they couldn’t find them. His family was from out of state but you run across that every day. A lot of them are not from around here and they are so many,” Duke said.

Donations and volunteers are still in need for that day.

Anyone interested should contact the Central Texas Homeless Coalition.