Copperas Cove: Grannies can’t run, grannies can’t jump

COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) The southern division of the Granny Basketball League is welcoming recruits to such local teams as the Georgetown Fire Ants, the Harker Heights Old Glories and, freshman team, the Yellow Roses of Copperas Cove.

(Photo by Chelsea Edwards)

"We're training ladies over 50 who wish to play basketball and become granny basketball players," says team founder Jean Ganley.

Some women are new to the game.

Some are cancer survivors like Jean who can't wait to get moving again.

"I felt like a teenager and needed to play basketball," she says.

And then there's Celia Haynes.

She recently made the cut at 50.

She’s retired from the Army as a military policewoman and has eight grandchildren, but she's also got game.

"I played through high school, some college and for the All-Army team," says Haynes.

"But I haven't worked out in a while," she adds, laughing.

Team gear resembles girls' uniforms of the 1920's including blouses, bloomers and socks, but with a modern flare.

The rules are simple.

"You can't run, and you can't jump," says Ganley.

"If your blouse were to come up when you're making a shot and any skin showed, that would be a flesh foul."

Although grandmothers can't jump, they often go above the rim to help local causes.

Organizations can even take on the granny teams to raise money.

"Mayors, fire chiefs, police chiefs," says Ganley, listing potential opponents.

"But they have to play with granny rules," she adds.

Some teams such as the Yellow Roses plan to play local competitors twice a month with weekly practice at the YMCA.

The recruits can't wait to hear their names chanted from the stands

"[I'm] getting back in shape, meeting new friends and starting a new chapter in my life," says Haynes.