Copperas Cove: Rescued “Miracle Kitten” ready to go home

(Photo by Rissa Shaw)
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COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) A feline that veterinarians dubbed ‘the Miracle Kitten,’ has been cleared to go home five days after suffering a traumatic brain injury, reportedly after being thrown out of a car window.

The kitten named “Fluffy” was released from emergency care by veterinarians at Animal Clinic Copperas Cove Friday morning to her rescuer, and new mom, Melinda Shelton.

“The head swelling is almost gone but there is a lot of bruising still,” Shelton said. “We have to keep her confined to one area for now until she can get a little stronger.”

Fluffy still hasn’t regained sight, but her eyes are open and she’s mobile, hydrated, and starting to eat wet food.

“She (the vet) said that her eyes are good but the connection is not there, so she’s still hoping that in time she may be able to see shapes,” said Shelton.

“She is unsteady when she walks, but that also may come back in time.”

The kitten, which vets said was between six and eight weeks old, was given a one in ten chance of survival after she was found at a McGregor gas station Monday with fractured skull.

Customers at the Valero gas station off Highway 84 and Speegleville Road found the young kitten injured in brush near the road.

Shelton’s son works at another station nearby, heard about the kitten, and called his mom to help.

Shelton took the kitten to ACCC and has been paying for her 24-hour care.

Vets there say it’s a miracle she’s recovering so well and her condition may continue to improve, Shelton said.

“It’s just been five days, so there is time for more healing,” she said.

Fluffy is due back at the vet in ten days to evaluate her progress.

The kitten will now live with Shelton and her family at their home in Belton.

“I can’t wait to get her home and start giving her the love she deserves!” she said.