‘Coronabusters’ star in popular local COVID-19 music video

SEATON, Texas (KWTX) Some local residents have produced a fun COVID-19 music video, “East Bell County Coronabusters,” which was shot outside of Tom Sefcik Hall in Seaton, to send a message of gratitude to those on the front lines of the virus.

Musician Jerry Haisler wrote an original song about how the virus is impacting the community and set it to a Czech polka tune. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)

The dance hall is closed because of orders issued to stem the spread of the virus, which left musician Jerry Haisler without a place to play.

Haisler, who grew up just a few miles from the hall where he normally plays every weekend, served as singer, songwriter and moderator of the music video produced by Billy Popelka and Earl Nottingham.

Haisler wrote an original song about how the virus is impacting the community and set it to a Czech polka tune.

The costumed cast of the video includes friends and relatives of the there, all of them covered with safety gear from head to toe.

In the video the “coronabusters” are seen driving up in a Hummer, to meet Haisler on the porch of the hall, hanging American and Czech Republic flags out the back.

As they exit the vehicle, Haisler's song begins, and the group dances like Tom Sefcik's never closed.

The song talks about having to stay home, and wearing masks; they say they miss getting kolaches and sitting in Green’s Sausage House.

But after all the toilet paper and Lysol jokes conclude, a sincere message crosses the screen thanking first responders that says: “We thank the real heroes in the fight of COVID-19: First responders, healthcare workers, grocery store workers and delivery people. We pray that God will protect them. We also pray that each and every one watching this video would be safe and well.

"It was all for fun but it was meant to have a serious note too given this current situation and that’s what we did in the credits," Nottingham said.

As the video concluded, they also included a text written in Czech to share overseas.

Translated, the message says, "Greetings from Texas, where a million Czech descendants call home. The threats posed by the coronavirus are humbling but life goes on. We pray for a cure and approach each day with determination and an appreciation for those who are near and dear . . . and for those who are far away. Best wishes for your continued good health and happiness!"

They say they used caution while shooting the video keeping everyone's health in mind, they say the only people who physically touch in the video are already related and living within the same home.