Copperas Cove: Residents still dealing with water billing issues

Photo by Alex Gibbs
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On Dec. 17, FATHOM closed for good, leaving the city of Copperas Cove to pick up the pieces and handle its own administrative services.

FATHOM unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy in November 2019, leaving the city to handle its own billing.

Public Information Officer Kevin Keller says the city is still adjusting to the change, and it hasn’t been an easy task.

“We were unable to get to the phone calls,” he said.

“We were getting 15, 16, 17 hundred phone calls for a couple days in a row.”

Many residents are getting fed up, living in constant fear their water will be turned off because of a billing error.

Sidney Dunagan, mother of three, says her biggest concern should be raising her children and not her water bill.

“This one bill I’ve already paid for, if I have to pay it right now to keep my water from shutting off, what can I do?”

It hasn’t been easy for Kamilya De La Cruz either. She had to stop by in person after work to pay her bill.

“You can’t pay a bill,” she said.

“When you call, the line is just constantly either busy or you’re on hold forever. You literally have to take time out of your day to come drive here to take care of the bill.”

Keller says the department is finally catching up and wants residents to know that the situation is being handled.

“If your payment was due on January 6th, and you haven’t paid it to this date, you’re not getting late fee and you won’t be cut off.”

City officials say that customers should be receiving a letter in the next few weeks explaining what to expect as the transition from FATHOM continues.