Explained: Proposition 1 on city judge term limits

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WACO, Texas Proposition 1 will allow municipal judges to serve in more than one city.

Some city judges are elected while others are simply appointed.

Right now in Texas, an elected municipal judge can only serve in one city at a time unless the additional city judge position is a non-elected one.

In other words, a city judge can't be elected in more than one city at a time.

Proposition 1 would change that.

One argument says, it will give smaller cities better opportunities to find more qualified judges.

According to the Texas House Research Organization, smaller cities have a difficult time finding a qualified municipal judge to deal with offenses such as domestic violence and misdemeanor cases, and this could create a public safety concern.

On the other hand some argue, an elected judge should reside in the city he or she presides over.

If passed, this would not be the case.

So a vote yes means city judges can preside over multiple cities whether elected or appointed.

A vote no means they cannot.