Explained: Proposition 4 on state income tax

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(KWTX) Proposition 4 makes it much harder to impose a state income tax.

This has been a confusing measure and the subject of much debate.

This measure would prohibit the legislature from establishing a personal income tax as well as taxes on an individual's share of partnership and income from an unincorporated association established for a non-commercial purpose.

Right now, the constitution says voters must approve any proposal to impose an income tax and it says if they every do, that the money must go toward public education.

But Prop 4 replaces that requirement with a ban on an individual income tax that would require a two-thirds vote of the legislature and the passage of a constitutional amendment to lift.

Supporters say the amendment could spur growth,but opponents say the amendment is unnecessary because of the existing referendum requirement and that it could hamstring future legislatures as the state and the needs of its residents change.

Ashley Cruseturner, political expert and Professor of History at McLennan Community College said, "For the first time in a long time, I think Republicans could envision not controlling the House and so, I would think about a Republican-controlled legislators as very much against an income tax. But, I think Republicans could see Democrats coming in and passing or putting on the ballot a proposition to allow an income tax."

So a vote yes, means a state tax ever happening is unlikely.

A vote no, voters could have this same conversation in two years.