Update: FBI, Falls Co. Sheriff’s Office raid Central Texas home

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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) On-scene FBI officials confirmed Monday afternoon they executed a federal search warrant at a home in the 400 block of Chambers Street in Marlin.

The FBI served a federal warrant at a home in Marlin. (Photo by Rissa Shaw)

A spokesperson out of San Antonio said the agency was being assisted by the Falls County Sheriff's Office and Marlin Police.

DPS was also on-scene.

Although the FBI said no arrests had been made in their investigation, Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman confirmed, Marlin police arrested the resident, Ray Bledsoe, and took him into custody earlier Monday on a local charge unrelated to the FBI investigation.

Bledsoe, 43, was arrested for bringing a prohibited item into a correctional facility: Bledsoe brought a cell phone into the Falls County Jail during a recent arrest on a contempt of court charge for disorderly conduct during a proceeding in Lott Municipal Court, Scaman said.

"He smuggled a cell phone into the jail when he was arrested the last time," said Scaman. "They (the FBI) actually notified Marlin PD to go ahead, if they would, to go ahead and execute that arrest warrant (today)--it was safer to have him removed from the residence, it was just safer for everybody."

Bledsoe was in the process of being released from jail Monday night, posting a $10,000 bond.

Officials will not provide any further details on the operation, but said there wasn't an immediate threat to public safety at the time.

Friends and neighbors at the scene watched as agents removed boxes from the Chambers St. home, which, according to Scaman, doesn't belong to Bledsoe.

"He was living here illegally, he broke in and was just more or less squatting, according to the homeowner," said Scaman.

However, a close family friend said the home belonged to the military veteran.

"Actually the house he got, he just got when he got his veteran check," the man said. "He's just a nice person, you know, he'll do anything to help anybody in the community."

He believes Bledsoe was being targeted because of his outspoken views on police and videos he's posted on social media.

"He's really intelligent, that's what's wrong with him, he's too smart for them (police)," the man said. "(They are) Just basically trying to get back at him for the recordings he have for when they were harassing him for no reason."

Scaman says the FBI's investigation has nothing to do with the videos and law enforcement was there lawfully.

"This has been an on-going investigation for the FBI for quite some time, there was things that were uncovered: I can't speak for them, I can only guess that they're going to have more investigating before they close this case out," said Scaman. "I will only guess that they possibly will have charges come up, federally, as a result of their total investigation as the whole investigation proceeds."

KWTX will update this story as new information becomes available and confirmed.