Fort Hood: First responders unite for full scale emergency exercise

Photo By: Chelsea Edwards

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) Police, EMTs, and firefighters flooded the Fort Hood area Tuesday to respond to an emergency exercise.

The annual Force Protection Exercise gives first responders a chance to practice working together during a major catastrophe.

The morning started with a call of a system malfunction of an American Airlines 737 plane.

"We were on a plane, and the plane needed to land in Fort Hood because they were having engine problems," says William Meyer, a soldier from the 510th Clearance Company.

He has volunteered as a crash victim in the exercise and has been made up to appear to have a severe laceration to his head.

"On the way over here, the engine fell off and we crash-landed in the woods," he explains.

"I flew out of the plane, so I was found in the woods."

Emergency responders from Fort Hood, Acadian Ambulance Services, Darnall Army Medical Center and Killeen hustle at the practice scene to talk to victims and transport them where they need to go.

"We’re just out here helping them out, doing some acting, putting some fake blood on to making things look real," adds Meyer as actors cry for help in the background.

"It assists us in working together," says Jeffrey Ashley, Assistant Chief of Operations of Fort Hood.

"I would say today, as far as us getting the transport taken care of for the individuals immediately- we were a little slow at that."

"We will have to work with our EMS personnel, Darnall and fire and work out a better system in order to get all of our people on the same page."

Exercises will continue Wednesday on and off post.
Residents should not be alarmed.