Fort Hood: Dining facilities make Thanksgiving meal a big deal

(Photo by Alex Cano)

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) The annual Thanksgiving meal at Fort Hood is a big deal and bragging rights are on the line for the post’s dining facilities.

The seven dining facilities on Fort Hood competed with each other Wednesday to produce the best Thanksgiving meal.

Lt. Gen Paul E Funk II, the commander of III Corps and Fort Hood, was one of the judges.

“If you haven't seen just how much and how hard they work…(to) present this meal to the families and the soldiers. They are incredibly proud of what they can do,” Funk said.

The dining facilities are graded on the basis of their original themes, decorations and menus.

“We did 29 whole pigs, 20 whole turkeys all night just to make sure we made enough for this meal today,” Sgt First Class Cedric Jones said.

Nearly 800 soldiers and their families turned out at the Iron Horse dining facility, among them Sgt. Rashida Moris, a mother of eight for whom the post’s Thanksgiving meal is a new family tradition.

“We enjoy bringing my family out here and support each other and come together after the long months and holidays that are coming up,” Moris said.

A special place at the table was set for Pfc. Ryan Casebolt, who died on Nov. 8 in a Humvee rollover on post.

Fellow soldiers placed his photo at the table in his honor.

“These kinds of days when they are far away from home, separated from the ones they love, this is their Army their second family saying ‘We love you, we care about you and thank you for what you do every day,’” Funk said.