Fort Hood: Projects worth $42.6M could be delayed to fund border wall

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) With the House failing to overturn President Trump’s emergency declaration, money meant to fund two projects at Fort Hood could be delayed to help build a border wall.


In a 20-page long list of military construction projects, the Department of Defense listed projects that could be potentially cut or delayed. At Fort Hood, two projects worth $42.6 million could be delayed.

“One project is for a vehicle maintenance facility, which essentially is a motor pool in more common terms. The other one is for a supply, support activity, normally what we think as a warehouse,” Keith Sledd said.

Sledd, who is an Army veteran, is the executive director for the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance. They looks at issues affecting Fort Hood. Completing the projects, Sledd says, is critical to the base.

“Fort Hood has 64-plus motor pools. Twenty-nine of those motor pools, or 43 percent of them, were built in the 1950s and 60s, so they are old,” Sledd said.

Rep. John Carter (R-31) says he is not concerned the money will be shifted.

“Immediately checked for the criteria and found out where we were from the folks at fort hood. We are at a place that looks like we are safe,” Carter said. “I will make sure it’s not going to affect anything we’ve worked so hard to get done on fort hood. If it turns out to be a challenge, then I’m going to go to war.”

Sledd added that it’s important to note that projects already awarded funds will not be touched, including other projects.

“No family housing, or barracks are affected by anything on the list and none were on the list,” he said.

A decision from the Department of Defense is expected within the coming days.

On Monday, the Pentagon said it will divert up to $1 billion to support the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection.

*The Associated Press contributed to this story.