Goose shot with crossbow bolt along banks of local river rescued

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) For the past 10 days, people in downtown Waco have been trying to catch a Chinese goose seen under the suspension bridge with an arrow or crossbow bolt through its chest.

Credit: Wildlife Rehab Lorena

“Grace, the Goose” as she has been named, was captured by a zoo worker several days ago and taken to Wildlife Rehab in Lorena.

Rachel Sine who runs the wildlife rehab says, "Just to do something for the sake of it's suffering and for the sake of your entertainment I just think it's completely wrong."
Reports of more than just one goose shot with the yellow "bolt arrows" has prompted a search for the wounded birds.

"They said they saw these birds out with arrows that are in their neck so we sent somebody out right away to see if they could catch the geese and all through the week they'd been going back trying to catch and just weren't successful at first,” Sine said.

Sine wanted Grace to get immediate medical attention and then reunite with her mate on the river again, so after several attempts with vet surgeons, the Waco Animal Shelter stepped in.

X-rays showed the "bolt" had nipped the goose's trachea so the Waco Animal Shelter surgeons worked quickly Tuesday to fix it.

"So they've gone back in there after removing the arrow to see if they can repair the damage and wake her back up," Sine said.

The animal was in surgery for nearly half an hour after tests were run, and came through the operation successfully.

Within hours, Sine was on her way back to her wildlife farm with Grace wide awake.

"Now the one that was in her it's a dart like from a crossbow and then they found next to it a modified dart that actually had a razor blade edge on the end so I don't know what they had planned to do with that," Sine added.

Grace is expected to make a good recovery and released back into the Brazos River under the suspension bridge where wildlife experts say her mate is located.

"Normally wildlife can heal very quickly and we're hoping in just a few days before she can go back out with her mate under suspension bridge," Sine said.