Government shutdown could impact tax season

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) The government shutdown is entering week two and it could have an impact on your tax refund.

"Even if it's brief, it could delay refunds," said Ed Slovacek, a Certified Public Accountant at Ed Slovacek CPA.

The new tax law going into effect this year could also impact this tax season. Slovacek says they still need the correct forms.

"Our tax software hasn't updated to where we can file returns because the government has to issue them, and the software company that writes the tax software has to integrate that into the software," said Slovacek.

The government shutdown also means only 12% of the IRS workforce is on the job.

"They're working on things that they deem to be critical. Even if we're not able to get refunds, we still have to file tax returns and taxpayers still have to pay taxes if they owe it and so it creates a lot of confusion," said Slovacek.

Slovacek says if the shutdown continues more IRS workers could be called in.

"But we don't know how many, what area they're going to be in and when all that would happen. So it is significant and it will have an impact on most people filing tax returns this year," said Slovacek.

The IRS will start accepting returns on January 29, 2019.