Hamilton boy nears end of treatment, remains cancer-free

Brisen Fullbright is now cancer-free. (photo courtesy: The Fullbright Family)
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HAMILTON, Texas (KWTX) A 6 year old Hamilton boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer has completed his fifth round of chemotherapy.

Brisen Fullbright is the son of two Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies. His mother, lieutenant Beronica Fullbright say he now faces a final round in two weeks and looks forward to no more trips to the hospital after that.

Brisen was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma back in September of last year but the family celebrated a "Thanksgiving miracle" when he was declared cancer-free. Doctors say he remains clear of the cancer going into his final treatment.

Brisen has been out of school since the diagnosis and his immune system will have to recover before returning to school next fall.